Here are a few of the top motorcycle news stories from over the past two weeks:

Cool Hunting offered up three pieces of spring motorcycle gear. See what they recommend when it comes to gloves, glasses, and jackets.

Engadget covered a first look at the augmented reality motorcycle helmet designed to give riders a more complete awareness of their surroundings. It’s still a ways off from production, but the concept is certainly worth getting excited about.

Cycle World broke down Moto Guzzi’s California 1400 Touring and Honda’s CTX1300 with a pretty thorough reviews of the two new bikes. It’s retro versus futuristic and both motorcycles bring plenty to the table. As summarized near the end of the review, “These bikes are both fun-to-ride anti-Harleys dripping with sophisticated goodies…”

Business Insider reported that motorcycle gangs have invaded Disneyland. Well…not really, but they have inspired an interesting new trend at the “happiest place on earth.” It’s possibly the least cool thing inspired by motorcycle culture since the release of Wild Hogs.

Lastly, the Clovis Police Department launched a motorcycle safety enforcement campaign that will run through mid-July. The goal of the operation is to reduce crashes and educate riders, so be aware that police are out there, and as always, ride safe.