Here are a few of the top motorcycle related blog posts and stories from the past two weeks:

Harley Davidson’s first electric motorcycle grabbed headlines last week with articles from Wired and Time Magazine. Wired even went so far as to say that it “surprisingly doesn’t suck,” and declared the bike, “Actually pretty cool.”

Image via Harley Davidson

Image via Harley Davidson

Also in electric motorcycle news, Forbes took a look at the ZERO SR Streetfighter, “the latest from the Tesla of motorcycles.” Unlike Harley’s new entry, ZERO has been specializing in electric bikes for the past eight years.

With the start of summer, California Highway Patrol launched a motorcycle safety campaign. The new CHP program is, “designed to increase and enforce motorcycle safety throughout the area.”

And lastly, if you’re looking for a bit of culture this coming week, the Forest Lawn Museum is presenting an exhibit titled, “Vroom: The Art of the Motorcycle.” The exhibition promises to “offer an in-depth look at the dynamic history of motorcycle culture, spotlighting the impact and influence of the West Coast and featuring some of the most striking, modern, historic, rare and collectable vintage motorcycles.”

As always, have fun and stay safe out there.