Here are a few of the top motorcycle related news stories from the past couple weeks:

The California DMV and California Highway Patrol have removed online safety guides specific to motorcycle lane splitting. Although lane splitting is legal in California, the guides were removed due to fear of having the resources and suggestions misinterpreted as enforceable laws. Lane splitting will continue to remain legal, but for recommendations on how to do it safely, riders will now be forced to look elsewhere.

Popular Mechanics took a test drive through Malibu on the flagship cruiser from Moto Guzzi.

Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle cross country tour was in San Diego this week, where riders were given the opportunity to take the bike for a spin. You can see footage of Harley’s newest offering in the short video below:

Also on the electric motorcycle front, The American International Motorcycle Expo will be showcasing the high performance electric bikes of California based Zero Motorcycles.

And, lastly, one of our sister sites put together a pretty thorough overview of how to select a helmet. It’s a must read for anyone remotely interested in basic safety.

That’s it for this week. As always, have fun and ride safe!