Here are some of the top motorcycle related news stories from the past two weeks:

There’s been plenty written about how self-driving cars are on the horizon, but now reports are coming in that Google is testing an autonomous motorcycle.The bike, named Ghostrider, is capable of traveling to a predetermined location without the aid of an actual rider. However, you won’t be seeing these riderless drones on the streets anytime soon, as Google is currently petitioning the state of California to allow testing.

Riderless bikes are impressive, but what if I told you there was a bike powered by bacon? Well, a pork fat fueled future is finally here! As part of a guerrilla marketing campaign by Hormel Foods, the swine-centric company has retrofitted a T800CDI diesel motorcycle to run on a custom biofuel converted from pure bacon grease. It might not be remotely practical, but it’s still kind of cool.

The battle surrounding lane-splitting is raging on as the American Motorcyclist Association launched a petition to reinstate the California Highway Patrol’s lane-splitting guidelines. As discussed a few weeks back, the guidelines were removed following a complaint that the CHP’s lane-splitting guidelines were an endorsement allowing “reckless behavior on the road.” Since then, SF Gate has also published an opinion piece arguing that lane-splitting benefits drivers and motorcyclists alike.

Lastly, a California investor has purchased the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix for a reported $5.97 million. The property is leased by the Universal Technical Institute, and acts as a private technical training school for auto mechanics, marine technicians and NASCAR techs. The sale is not expected to impact the day to day operations of the Institute.

As always, enjoy the weekend and happy riding!